Water is of vital importance!

For a healthy future.

Our body needs at least 1.5 liters of clean drinking water per day. In extremely hot areas such as the Caribbean, that can certainly be half a liter per day. Water ensures that our skin perspires and that the organs work well, so the heat is regulated by our body and that is not a luxury under any tropical sun.

The best quality of drinking water comes from the tap at our 'Free drinking water' locations. The water companies produce this with extreme care and this is checked strictly at 50+ points every week. That is still 2 times stricter than the quality control of bottled or mineral water.

Bottle water is the ultimate marketing!

Mineral or bottled water often comes from ordinary ground-drinking water layers. Only this is - after transport - pumped into a bottling plant in plastic or glass bottles and transported by truck and container ships all over the world. In addition, expensive marketing machines run around those water multinationals and expensive advertising ensures that this water is on average sold 100 to 500 times more expensive than regular drinking water.

The best quality of drinking water!

The objective of the project is very simple; to drastically reduce the use of drinking water in plastic bottles, and certainly in locations where this is really badly needed. The drinking water quality in Dutch cities is perfect, however, because of the ignorance about the free availability of drinking water, the visitor/tourist buys massive amounts of water in plastic bottles. As a result, there is a constant flow of plastic [trash] waste and the already fragile environment of people, animals and nature is burdened.

Our project informs the visitor/tourist about the free availability, the drinking water quality, the how and why of drinking water, together with entrepreneurs creates a network of water points and offers with the Blue Bottle [the thermos flask 2.0] a perfect alternative to ordinary tap water to use. In this way, [trash] waste is reduced, a 'green' awareness is created and there is a direct improvement of the living environment.

We call it PRecycling!

Do not clean up, but intervene before it happens!

Participate! or know more?

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Gratis drinkwater

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