#StopMetPlastic #CleanSeas

Let's clean together!

Less litter immediately provides a better living environment for all animals and people. Various organizations work together to realize this. You as a user of the original Blue Bottle and all partners with the water points work indirectly with this. By working together at every location with the local or regional government, the water company, the waste processor and organizations for tourism, catering and nature conservation, the total costs of this project are divided among multiple parties.

Reduce carbon footprint!

Mineral or bottled water deposits thousands of kilometers per lorry/train and container ship before it is in the fridge. Altogether a huge burden on the environment; from pumping up the water to the production of the water bottles and transport to any location in the world. And then we do not even mention the damage to the environment and animals.

On Bonaire working on a Blue destination!

Many locations in the Caribbean do not have a deposit system for plastic bottles and recycling has only just started. As a result, many plastic bottles still end up in household waste, landfills or nature. And since it is regularly burned full the only way you know. Reducing the use of plastic bottles also directly reduces litter in nature and water.

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