The stainless steel thermos Bottles!

Our stainless steel Blue Bottle is light, not too big, is comfortable in the hand and is 100% sustainable.

Blue is the new green!

Our Blue Bottle is the thermos flask 2.0 and specially developed for warm areas such as the Caribbean, tropical islands or deserts. Its Cool Body® consists of a double-walled stainless steel vacuum construction with a hard powder-coated exterior, making it not only strong and shock-resistant but also feels comfortable and gives absolutely no water drops or condensation.

ADVANTAGE: Cool drinks stay cool for 12 hours in the Blue Bottle!

The popular plastic drinking water bottle from the Netherlands simply does not work in hot areas. Because of the ambient temperature, every drink in a regular bottle is lukewarm in no time and the softening plastic softeners cause a very unpleasant taste and a smell of your lukewarm heated drink.

Colder, cooler, longer, better!

A nice extra is that our blue thermos flask is also perfect for tea, coffee, soup or chocolate in cold regions. Hot drinks stay warm for at least 6 hours. A unique feature that really does not have all those other plastic floppers.

In addition, he is so thought that you can drink out immediately. Because of the wide opening, fruits, ice cubes, and soup balls can easily pass through. After use, you can easily clean it again with a washing-up brush in a container.

Cool Body® uitleg

Blue is green!

The Blue Bottle is 100% recyclable and the cap is 100% BPA-free! Even completely filled, it keeps floating and you can use it - without the cap - as a drinking cup on your desk or table on the porch or roof terrace. But of course, the Blue Bottle is the perfect souvenir with guaranteed years of pleasure.

You're blue bottle as a statement

By means of the laser, the bottle can be personalized for companies/organizations. For this, the corporate Blue Bottle carries a logo, slogan, and logo that is applied by means of laser engraving. The result is always super tight and lasting. It absolutely does not affect the life of the bottle and/or the hard powder coating. Sales of personalized bottles start at 40 pieces.


The 500 ml Blue Bottle with free Active cap has a maximum consumer price of 15 euros incl. VAT. [or equivalent in local currency] The cap or rubber washer is available separately. There are also sports caps, bamboo or stainless steel caps for sale.

Blue Bottle doppen

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