Free drinking water!

Is it for real,..

YES, It almost sounds like a fairy tale but it is true! As a holder of such an original Blue Bottle, you can fill it with water of a perfect quality at every official water tap. The management of such a water tap is always in the hands of the owner and can be recognized by the 'best water quality' logo. The water points are geographically strategically spread over the location.

The rainmakers!

At every 'Free drinking water' location, we work closely with the local government, organizations, companies, and NGOs. Reducing litter, waste flows and lowering the carbon footprint are our common goal. We achieve this by providing information about drinking water quality and additional information about the [in] sense of buying and drinking water in plastic bottles.

Free filling!

It's about awareness; that you not only have to call but also have to do! Our project only works if everyone cooperates at the location and thus contributes. That's why we say "Do not fill in the dicks for free!" For a healthy and liveable world. Now and in the near future!

Really everywhere ?!

Yes, really everywhere where the Blue Bottle is are water points you can fill it with water for free. it does not matter which country, city or continent you are. So you have much more to your bottle than you ever thought possible!

By working together with various interested organizations within our project - the local government, [hotel and catering] entrepreneurs, location marketers, the tourist organizations, the water company, the waste processors etc., we share costs, strengthen each other's word and deed and we carry this together. in every form wide. As a result, 'Free drinking water' succeeds.

Participate! or know more?

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Gratis drinkwater

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