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If you buy and indirectly support

At each location, we decide together with the stakeholders whether we transfer 5% of the sales price to projects for local charities. By retaining that 5% of sales, a nice game of money is created.

To make this nice and visible, we calculate annually how much water can be bought for it. We put that amount symbolically as liters of water on the cheque! Of course, we pay that gift in local currency and the organizations are free to use it as long as this only benefits their ultimate goal.

Location Bonaire

At the Bonaire location, the first year yields profits from organizations that work for the animals on and around the island. For example, the buyer of the Blue Bottle indirectly contributes to the welfare of the stray animals, the turtles, donkeys, flamingos, Loras, Prikichi etc. on the island.

On the check, an amount of 3,500,000 liters of water is estimated by withholding the 5%. But it is us whatever of which one spends the dollars; even if it's up to the water bill, water tanks, piping, a new roof for shade or feed. The choice is for the people behind the organizations.

On Bonaire we support in the pilot year:

* The Animal shelter
* The Donkey Sanctuary
* ECHO Bonaire?
* Fundashon Kunuku
* Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

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