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'Free drinking water' is a network of water points where a Blue Bottle holder can fill his bottle with chilled drinking water for free. Such a water point is a location where the entrepreneur provides this water in-house. This can be done simply from the tap, from a can, the refrigerator, jerry can or water cooling unit.

Each water point is recognizably represented by the blue dots on the mobile application and by means of blue droplets on the various maps of tourist organizations. In addition, the striking sticker is clearly on the premises. This makes the official Waterpoint even more visible by hanging the Waterpoint-poster on, for example, the website or in the toilet. This can be downloaded via the website as a PDF.

Each official Waterpoint has the possibility to sell/offer the Blue Bottles to their guests/customers for a fixed maximum sales price of 15.00 euros, while comparable quality bottles quickly cost around 35 euros.

Water point 2.0

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