Free drinking water

The idea behind 'Free drinking water' originated on Bonaire and in combination with the specially developed Blue Bottle and the free Refill app. it grows to a global project.

'Free drinking water' aims to drastically reduce the use of water, soft drinks and other drinks in disposable plastic bottles, cans, and cups. Because there is no deposit system for these packaging, there is a growing stream of [trash] waste and the living environment of people, animals and nature is becoming increasingly heavily taxed.

No plastic waste

The municipalities In the Netherlands spents €192 million per year to cleani up litter. That is an average of € 11.16 per inhabitant. With 'Free drinking water' we reduce litter by at least 10% per year. Every saving you can achieve is immediately visible!

Within 'Free drinking water' a network of water points is set up where the entrepreneur simply donates the water from the tap, from a can, the refrigerator, jerry can or water cooling unit. Such a water point can be recognized by the striking window/door stickers and can be found in the free mobile WeTap application.


At each location, we work together with the local government, [hotel and catering] entrepreneurs, location marketers, tourist organizations, the water company, waste processors, etc. In this way we use each other's network, we share efforts, costs and reinforce each other's word and deed. Publicity we carry 'Free drinking water' in every form broadly.

With the Blue [thermos] Bottle, we offer the best affordable alternative to daily use ordinary tap water, hot drinks or other beverages from large [deposit money] bottles. [fixed sales price 500ml. € 15.00 / comparable quality bottle = € 30 / € 40 / available through the water points and the promotion teams]

Together we push back [trash] waste, create a 'green' awareness, a positive image and there is a direct improvement of the living environment.

We call that PRecycling!

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